Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Theatrical Review - "Name That Internal Organ"

Tonight I attended the invitation-only premiere of Name That Internal Organ - the Musical. Although overshadowed by the media hype surrounding Indiana Jones and the Crystal Numbskull, this extravaganza promises to do well at the box office. If it had a box office. There was a lovely buffet, but, unfortunately no box office.

Imagine High School Musical, only in fifth grade. With body parts instead of dancers. And a plot. The body parts were competing to get into the "Internal Organ Hall of Fame" - who's most important, who's irreplaceable, yadda, yadda. Lots of dancing, singing, and some unplanned regurgitation. It seems the 'Raging Hormone' got a bit too into his part and tossed his cookies onstage. Really. Everyone blamed the Nervous System, since he was supposedly gunning Red Bull prior to the show and annoying everyone. Whoever cast this show did a phenomenal job.

Eventually, after a break in the action while the bio-hazard crew cleaned up, we got back to the show. We learned a lot about internal organs, especially how sensitive they can be before a musical production.

An insider later told me that the Liver had consumed a bean burrito right before the performance. That would explain the aberrant bass guitar riff I kept hearing, and why the Spleen nearly passed out in the second act.

After the show I got to hang out a bit with the Gall Bladder. He was very cool, even letting me take a photo of him. He says he owes all his success to his mother. What a great kid. By the way, that's not a handlebar mustache - that's a bile duct. You were probably better off not knowing that.

Just be thankful I didn't post the video of poor Raging Hormone emulating Linda Blair in the Exorcist. He was tough, though, coming back up (sorry) for the finale.

A good time was had by Gall.


Siouxie said...

ROFLMAO! You HAVE to have filmed that and I HAVE to see it!!

insomniac said...

i thought all gall was dvided among three parts...
very humor-ous, annie!

Anonymous said...

On bhalf of women everywhere, I say to Raging Hormone - How could you!


jess said...

Very, very funny! You honestly had me believing this piece of work was strutting across broadway. You never know!

Packsaddle said...

Was the Appendix removed from the show at the last minute?

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