Saturday, May 31, 2008

Movie Review - Sex and the City

Three hundred costume changes over two and a half hours. And that was just me figuring out what to wear.

We are celebrating chickdom here, guys. We are coming out of our respective closets, whether they’re walk-in, hole-in-the-wall, or fab-fantastical Carrie’s, and we are holding the supreme estro-fest. I could not find a single heterosexual guy brave enough to see it with me. It’s ok that you don’t get it. Go watch Indiana Jones again. In other words..... shoo! Or perhaps, shoe!

That's the nice thing about the Internet, isn't it guys? You wouldn't be caught dead at the movie, but you can peek at this Barbie-pink blog and no one will be the wiser. Tsk, tsk. Smooch.

This is an event first and a movie second, so my primary concern was, of course, what to wear. The stiletto cam at the premiere screamed designer heels. Sadly, my Manolo Blahniks were in the shop. Someone else’s shop. But as a loyal fan, I buffed my spike heels and blinged my body to go sit in a dark theater with my sisters. Did I look great? Yes. Could anyone see me? No. Do I feel the need to explain why I did that? Puh-lease.

As an event, it is all about the fun, the fashion, the fling. That’s the level at which I took the movie, and it worked. Show me enough fashion, passion, and compassion and I’ll suspend belief with the best of them. Expecting a bullet-proof plot at something like this is like attending a Jimmy Buffet concert because you think he’s pretty.

Nevertheless, the smart one-liners are back, the plot twists are engaging, and the style is relentless.

And oh, the fashion! Over-the-top, around-the-horn, under-the-table, fashion. I don’t always agree with the choices. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing thigh-high argyle socks with clogs. But damn if I won’t defend Carrie’s right to wear it. Push that envelope past the point of ridiculous and take us with you, girlfriend. I’m sure we’ll enjoy the trip.

Fashion is never complete without the perfect accessories. Here the accessories are, well, men. Lots of eye candy with, if memory serves me, pretty decent lines. I’ll be honest, I didn’t listen very well because I was busy looking. Blink, blink. So shoe me.

For once the shoe is on the other foot- we have female friendship as the heart of the universe, with heavenly man-bodies orbiting their femme stars. It's a shift in thinking that makes many uncomfortable because we’re so used to the reverse. For instance, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Numbskull had a woman as an accessory and nobody blinked. As God intended? I think she knows better than that.

Sorry, Indy, it’s usually not one good guy saving the day. Life’s messy and marvelous and multi-colored, and its resolution is hardly ever black and white. Harder to fathom, but then so are we women.

We’re not looking to turn history into herstory. We’re not just about shopping, socializing, and shrieking. It’s just a side that’s been neglected, if box office returns are any indication. According to Variety, SATC grossed a bling-busting $26.9 million Friday alone, the sort of gross usually tallied by more macho openings.
Do the girls have legs at the box office? Damn straight. Confidence is the new black. And it’s fabulous.


Anonymous said...

YAY! It sounds just as great as I hoped it would be! Wonderful review. I can't wait to see it.


Siouxie said...

FABULOUS!! Great review, Annie. I can't wait to see it - hopefully tomorrow.

Love my women!

Cat R said...

What a fest it was! Sell-out crowds at every showing. I'm one of those folks who watched the series in chunks -- on video, then DVD, a year after each one aired; one lost weekend per season. From the opening credits to the final scene, I can't remember the last time I had so much fun AT the movies. I especially appreciated the acknowledgment of the girls' ages. Carrie 40, Samantha 50 -- sushi has never looked so good!

Mr. Completely said...

I'll be over on the corner, sticking a fork in my eye.

Rory L. Aronsky said...

I'll be over on the corner, sticking a fork in my eye.

I'll be on the corner with you, holding the fork.

Nothing against you. I've just always wanted to try it.