Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sniff Whine Sniff Grrr...

Warning - I've been grounded by a cold so I'm cranky and I'm about to take it out right here.

In my efforts to get over this bug, I've sat my butt down and am watching a baseball game. Dang, is it my imagination, or do the boys spend a ton of time at the plate adjusting their boys? With some of these guys we have time to cut to commercial. "This crotch break sponsored by Viagra." I bet waxing would help them out. Queer Eye for the Shortstop.

A player is wearing eye black that seems to be stickers. Is this neater than greasepaint? Have basball players, in addition to not knowing how to chew tobacco and bubble gum simultaneously, also lost the skill of applying greasepaint? These stickers have some sort of writing on them. Advertising, perhaps? If they showed this game in Hi-def I could tell you, but noooo. Maybe the stickers say, "Quit looking at my crotch."

Speaking of beef, usually the Jack-in-the-Box commercials are amusing, but this one with the "Where's the Angus part of the cow?" is bugging me. People - 'sirloin' is a type of cut of beef. 'Angus' is a breed of beef cattle. Jack is jacking you around. He don't know jack. Jerk.
Maybe I'm a bit extra peeved about this because I grew up near the best Angus Farm ever - Ankony. These people were serious about their bull. Not like Jack. He's a bull-fibber.

Great - we just lost, and a lousy called strike 3 no less. Phooey. I'm going outside to throw rocks at the squirrels. At least they'll take a swing.


Anonymous said...

and yet you don't eat beef...cause? or effect?

angus cows derive from did they get kilts on 'em? - insomniac

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. I've spent most of this week feeling sick, so I can sympathize.

When I was growing up, we had neighbors who raised a couple of beef cattle. We wanted to name them. Dad suggested we call them "Meatloaf" and "Hamburger" if we had to name them. It was still kind of weird when Meatloaf and Hamburger "disappeared" and we know they were now packages of beef. That might be why I tend to avoid meat.

Kristina L.

Annie said...

Both questions can be answered in one veggie enchilada - I grew up on a small farm with cattle, er, cows, er, pets, really. We named them, snuck a few of them in the house, and basically played with them like they were oversize Labradors. No kilts, but only because we didn't have them.

One night Mom served veal parmagiana and Dad said, "Poor Wilbur." That about did me in. So Kristina, I get where you're coming from.

Plus I hate marketing that relies on the ignorance of its audience. Although Jack has lots of company in that regard.

Anonymous said...

and colds when it's nice weather out are the worst...-insomniac

Anonymous said...

Annie, you are wickedly funny even from your sickbed. :)


Chris, not that blurk guy said...

Thank you for pointing out one of many marketing frauds that use the name "angus" to sell inferior products. There are many reasons why we see new cattle breeds sprouting from previously genetically pure cattle types. For example, "brangus", a cross between brahman and angus. Brahman beef is tough and the introduction of angus genetics makes it more tender, thus, more palatable. The same applies to "black baldies" which are a cross between angus and hereford. Again, the angus genetics improve carcass quality among other standard breed markers such as calving ease, temperament, etc.

But, hey, that increases the market and value of true angus.

/end cowboy lesson #2,038

Annie said...

Guess we're not the only ones peeved about it - check this out. Apparently Carl's Jr. is sueing Jack for false advertising.

Anonymous said...

So how's the cold? Any better? I'm still in the process of getting over a stupid cold myself.

Kristina L.