Sunday, May 6, 2007

Mothers' Date?

I just received the most interesting invitation. In honor of Mother's Day, a friend of mine is sponsoring an evening out for a group of us single moms. Refreshments at a reputable local nightspot are included. Isn't that just the sweetest thing to do? I immediately suspected ulterior motives.

Think about it, guys. Wanna meet women? Sponsor a night out. Do it under innocent pretenses. Just to throw us off your trail, invite some women you're not interested in. Schedule it at an innocent time, like right after work on a Friday. Saturdays are for dates and you're booked solid then, anyway, right?

Because of my innate journalistic curiosity, I cancelled my others plans (sorry, tv) and accepted the invitation. He then asked what my favorite type of candy is. By that time I had pinged a mutual friend - what's up with this guy? Why, why, why? "That's just the way he is," she shrugged. "He likes to make people happy." Oh, boy.

What if it is really just a nice evening out for moms? What if he's actually just being nice? For me, that would be totally unexplored territory. I would no sooner know what to do in that situation than if Paris Hilton moved in next door and opened a homeless shelter.

What if he's interested in someone else, and I'm just "Ugly Betty" wallpaper? I'll stand there, cocktail in my hand, glare in my eye, as he chats up some poufy frumpella. Not that I'm interested in him at all. However, he may consider me, like many men do, to be frankly, out of their league. That's understandable.

Why haven't any other guys thought of this? Because, most of the time, they are simply busy being guys. Research is what other guys do while most guys are drinking beer and scratching. But if this catches on, I'm afraid it could be bigger trend than the new iPod-equipped toilet.

Isn't this what "The Bachelor" is? That must be what he's doing. Concoct a theme, invite a few women, make sure no other males show up, ....oh, my. Intriguing at the very least in sheer bravado. We'll have to see what he's up to. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

this is how men and women are different (well, this and the peeing standing up thing)... if the reverse happened (not that it ever, ever, would) a guy would go whether or not they were the primary target or not.

it's not that we're incapable of recognizing ulterior motives, we just don't care! - insomniac

Annie said...

insom - absolutely. Free drink, hey, you're there. 'Nuff said. But we women, well, we're gonna think about it a bit.
And that is an excellent thought for Father's Day. Hmmmm...