Saturday, March 10, 2007

If I Could Turn Back Time

If I could find a way. Daylight Saving comes early this year. I guess Father Time saw his shadow or something. Actually, the Bush Administration saw its shadow, but that's another story. If you could get your hour back, what would you do?

Why must the hour lost be in the middle of the night? Why can't it be, for instance, at work? A little 'thank-you' to the worker bees. Keep the 'fall back' hour at night, everyone needs their beauty sleep, of course. But boost morale a little and 'spring' the clocks ahead at work, perhaps during a particularly boring meeting. It would mean so much more than the Annual Employee Appreciation Potluck.

My kids can't wait to mess with the clocks. It's like time travel. Next they're gonna want to adjust the temperature in the backyard, or make it snow.

With all this hub-bub over moving Daylight Saving around, it's starting to be a pain in the coccyx. It needs a public relations makeover. I recommend a sponsor with a catchy phrase:
  • Viagra - "Spring ahead for MORE than an hour!"
  • the tv show "24" - "Bleep, bloop, bleep, bloop...bloooop, bloooop!"
  • A0L Online- "Extra hour FREE added to our 'Get 2,038,000,000 hours Free per Month.'"

I'd like to be able to donate the hour I lose to a good cause, such as the George W. Bush Library. After all, he's a slow reader.


Polly said...

Love your blog.

France doesn't go to daylight savings until March 25. You'd think there might be a world consensus on this stuff. Some little country is off by 15 minutes, too.

Polly said...

oops. not a "small country". It's India and it's 1/2 hour different from the rest of the planet.

Annie said...

polly - we have sections of the US that ignore Daylight Saving completely, including parts of Indiana. (That may explain the India link....or not.) You can drive from one county to the next, and the time will change back and forth. This is especially handy if there's a nice sunset you want to see again. ;)