Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Clothes Hound

A line was crossed today. I had a reason, but... no excuse. Thinking about it, now, tonight, when the world has stopped its spin, the shame is almost more than I can beer bear.

I used to mock people that did this, looked down on the sissies with nothing better to do. Did they realize how ridiculous they looked? Snicker. Again, snicker.

And now I've sunk to their level.

Yes, I bought clothing for a dog. Jake the alleged Scotty had become overly shaggy, so he had to be shaved. They left his head and tail fluffy so the poor guy ended up looking like a furry black Q-tip.What's worse than shaving a dog? Dressing him in 'bling' clothes after he's hairless and void of pride. Somehow I thought a black muscle-shirt with a rhinestone skull & crossbones on it would help his image...sigh. I just wanted to keep him warm, not get him hot under the collar.

Jake is the only dog I've ever met who will, when giggled at, attack. We take great pains not to laugh at Jake, ever, because he gets quite embarrassed and upset, which in itself is funny, which makes our giggling worse, to the point that he wants to rip our ankles off. Or make us walk the plank. Sorry, Jake, but you ARE funny. Arrrgh!


Kristina L. said...

Awwww, he looks so cute! I don't think much about clothes on dogs either, but if he needs it, then what else can you do!

I have heard that some of the smaller dogs really do need coats to keep warm, even when they aren't shaved.

Mad Scientist said...

Annie- I saw a human with that same shirt on at Applebees. I think she should be more embarrassed.

Lisa said...

Jake is a cutie! He's looks great in his [barker]bikerwear.

You have to tell them they look wonderful (whether it's true or not), especially after a grooming. If you laugh--they know!

Lisa (BFF)

Annie said...

If you so much as smirk, he's coming after you. What a little Napoleon. I've literally had to hide my giggles behind a newspaper and walk out of the room so he doesn't see me laughing. He thinks I take him to the groomer's just to demoralize him.

Beef Jerky Bouquet Blog said...
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Beef Jerky Bouquet Blog said...

I love it. I'm a firm believer that dogs are people reincarnated into animals for a short learning period. ha ha. He was likely a very headstrong, vain man or woman. Whatever the case the biker wear makes him look BA. So much so that when I come back as a pit bull, I won't even mess with him.