Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Video!

You know the credits that whiz by on your screen at the end of a television show? The endless parade of teeny names scurrying by so quickly no human eye can read them? When was the last time you said, "Wait! we simply must Tivo this so I can slow it down enough to find out who did makeup for the second unit during the food fight scene!"

I didn't think so. And music videos, it seems, are even lower on the digital food chain than I Love Lucy reruns. You might see the name of the song, the group, the director, and record company, and that's it. If you want to know who fed the cast and crew between downpours, or who towelled off the patio for the line dancers, or who was in charge of jiggling the handle on an itinerant toilet so things flowed smoothly, you are simply out of luck.

At the time, making the video seemed like such a huge deal. And it was a big undertaking. But my main concern was handling the instant stardom it would certainly bring, and the TMZ paparazzi fallout. Would I be forced to grocery shop late at night to avoid my adoring fans like Britney does? (At the Vons on PCH in Malibu. On Tuesday nights. In case you want to help her load her Evian and Stoli into her car. Evian goes in the back. Stoli goes between the baby carseats.)

It has already started. Yesterday, as I cruised the vegetable aisle, I was getting weird stares and heard the murmurings begin:

"Isn't that the assistant director/lo-flo jiggler for the Country Girlz video?"

"Wow, she does her own grocery shopping - how counter-culture is that!"

I had to autograph 3 cucumbers and a Cup-a-Soup before I could make it out of the store.

So what's the hype all about? This:
At about the three-minute mark, I have a brief cameo. I would have been in more of the video, but that misbehaving toilet kept me pretty busy. Plus I didn't want to give my adoring fans too much the first time around. Or I'd be forced to become a recluse and have Britney do my shopping for me.


Wyo Cowboy said...

OK, I have to admit I liked the song. and now it's stuck in my head...

(I could do much worse!)

sounds like you had a blast.

Annie said...

Thanks, Wyo. Yes, a blast was had. Guess I should've mentioned it sticks in your head. Not your average country song.
You might prefer 'Don't Talk About Texas,' another song on that site. It's more traditional. No video on that one yet.

random thunking said...

A) No one has signed my cucumber. ever. sigh.

2) I noticed that none of the musicians had thier guitars plugged in. You were there, how could they record the music without plugging in?

martini said...

And here I always thought Annie that you were this urbane, sensitive writer, now I see you frolicking with all these goat-ropers. What am I to think?

Annie said...

martini - you are to think more. 'Goatropers'...ouch! Most of these people never touched a goat, which is probably more than you can say.

random - it's a difficult process - they're actually all plugged in, even the drums, and we go in afterward and digitally remove all the cables and boom mikes. It's a tricky business, but someone has to do it.

martini said...

To clarify: That was self-depricating humor. Love that music. And as an FYI, I've actually eaten goat, prepped in the Carribean. Good stuff.

tom said...

very nice ann, did they really do that at your house? Was that train tracks in the background?

Annie said...

Part of it was filmed at my house. The train track is a siding I use once a year to have my Christmas tree delivered. Next week, actually.

Cat R said...

Is that cool, or what? Hell, yeah!