Friday, August 3, 2007

A Not-so-fine State of Affairs

From the LA Times today -
Los Angeles television newscaster Mirthala Salinas was suspended without pay for two months — but not dismissed — Thursday from KVEA-TV Channel 52 for covering Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa while they were romantically involved, a relationship that journalism experts said damaged the station's credibility.
...Villaraigosa, 54, did not comment on the merit of Telemundo's decision, saying only that he wanted to concentrate on his job in its aftermath.

Let's see - She gets suspended without pay. He says he's sorry and continues on. The tv station says its credibility was damaged. The government - nope, it's good, thanks for asking. Thank God for low standards.

I could really care less about these people's private affairs, because well, it's private. It takes two to tango and apparently they knew that dance. Whoopee. Alert the media.

Why is this even news? Oooh, scandalous, murmur, murmur, leer & snicker. Does it affect their jobs? If so, wouldn't it impact both? Fire both or hire both.

Thank goodness she probably makes only 66% of what a man would make in that job, since she's out of a paycheck, she's not losing as much. Lucky her.

When double standards are gone and people are judged by their actions, not their sex, somebody wake me. Until then I'm sleeping it off.

And until then don't forget - if you're drunk and disorderly with a cop:
"Jews rule the world" is a no-no.
"What you lookin' at, Sugartits?" is just fine.


SW said...

Sorry, annie, I think you missed the boat on this one. Her ability to do her job to expected professional objective standards is compromised when she is involved with the public figure she is reporting on (let alone reports the news that he is having an affair, when she is the one he is having it with). On the other hand, his dalliance is not related to his job description. No double standard here.

Annie said...

Does his lack of a moral compass affect his job? Does the fact that he gave her exclusive interviews affect his job? The fact is, everything impacts everything.

Crosschecks (governmental process, writers & editors, etc.) are in place FOR BOTH to control that impact. However, the tv station is concerned about public image. The governor's office isn't. Why? Because in today's society, a guy can sleep around, but a woman is considered a tramp.

Wherever you draw the line, it needs to be the same for everyone.

Anonymous said...

you would know more about the voter's attitude toward the mayor than i, although he has started to be one of leno's whipping boys... i would hope his retribution is just being delayed, is all...-insomniac

Annie said...

insom- it doesn't seem like he's going to be punished. There are still scandal-type stories going on, but he's basically back to business as usual. I think he's a pretty good mayor. But she's a damn good reporter, too. Both deserve to work. The mayor's taking Leno's stuff quite well - he knows he deserves it. Besides, HE still has his job.