Wednesday, February 28, 2007

new improved improv

For your reading pleasure, I can now post live from my wondrous new first-ever laptop. Isn't it neato? It's the cat's pajamas, featuring the latest from that rich guy in the Pacific Nerdwest. My last computer was an ancient boat anchor once used by Moses to record the 11 commandments. Yes, there were originally 11, but that durned pc somehow deleted the one about not wearing your religion on your bumper.

A brief description of my new toy-

  • it is white
  • it is shiny
  • it is from a company whose name rhymes with "pony"
I picked it out all by myself at House of Nerds, resisting the best efforts of its Geek Staff to add chunks of expensive gunk such as spellcheck and a calculator. The only thing I added was "Turd Polisher for Dummies," an auto-humor program that converts lame jokes into hilarious metaphors and analogies.

Since I'm now operating on major candlepower, you can expect some seriously funny stuff from me. After all, I am finally officially out of excuses. No more 'dog ate my homework' or 'I need to put all the paperclips away properly' or 'gee, that window needs cleaning'....there IS a rather dirty window over here, though.

I'll be right back.


Stevie W said...

Is Vista a good thing? I'm in the market. Again.

Annie said...

It's like the Emperor's New Clothes. All the salesgeeks hype it, but if you look past their thick lenses and into their eyes, you know they're lying. I've yet to see an ad for it that has anything more than fluff.
Anyway, I wanted a pretty laptop. It just happened to come with Vista, and since I assumed all others will be unsupported in a couple years, I bought....

My name is Heather said...

Oh pretty white laptop. Congrats! So looking forward the "seriously funny stuff".