Saturday, September 23, 2006

Incident 475

The Day Fire, so called because it started on Labor Day, burns to the north. It's already cooked 130,000, whoops, make that 150,000 acres of California real estate. A realtor started it to ease the 'housing bubble.' Too much land on the market - let's just barbeque some - that'll drive the price back up, right? Actually it was started by somebody burning Paris Hilton dvds. Let that be a lesson - on holidays that honor the everyday worker, never, ever get off the couch.

I grew up in snow country. Sometimes late on a school night I'd sneak downstairs and turn on the porch light, hoping to see little flurries floating down, giving me hope for a 'snow day' and no school. Now ash was falling like snow, swirling in the porch light like so many SoCal snowflakes. My sons hoped for a 'soot day.' A tradition, although warped, continues.

Gotta go prepare the subterranean guest rooms. The Bunny family in the backyard is expecting about 327 extended family members, displaced by the fire, to arrive soon. This happened two years ago when a smaller, closer fire occurred. All kinds of critters moved in. "Smoking or non-smoking?" I would ask. Forest animals don't laugh much, and some lacked proper manners. The raccoons were the worst. They'd leave wet towels on the bathroom floor and get fur in the bathsoap. They would wash everything! I think they had OCD.


El said...

oooh, not a pretty picture.

CJrun said...

Living in never-let-it-burn country, I suppose I can relate. I know that out west it is not just the fire, but the unstable ground thereafter and mudslides after rains, so it's not good. However, we can't burn at all in the southeast either and now, when something catches I almost root for the fires. If we don't let them burn they will just be hotter next year.

Two boy children and two dogs? One [dog] a lab/ border collie mix? You are a glutton. Tomorrow I visit friends with two labs [without the border collie mix turbo charger]. My friends have considered starting up a Consumer Reports for pet toys. They wanna call it 'Lab Tested' and rate items by how many seconds it took before the dogs destroyed them.

Wyo Cowboy said...

I despise fur on my soap. Might I suggest liquid soap in a bottle as a possible remedy?

Lisa said...

I'm a sucker for bunny rabbits. You'll have to post a pic when they arrive.

In the meantime, stay far, far away from that fire!

(and out of the middle of the street! ;-) )